Focus on Argentina, An Investors’ Guide. The Northern Miner. September 2016

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Focus on Argentina, An Investors’ Guide. The Northern Miner. September 2016

In this article, Paola Rojas, Managing Director of Synergy, was interviewed by Trish Saywell as well several others on the key players, projects and investment climate in Argentina.

Focus on Argentina Mining – An Investors Guide 

Publisher: Anthony Vaccaro  editor: Alisha Hiyate contributing Writers: Trish Saywell & Elena Mayer

It’s never been in doubt that Argentina, like its Andean neighbor Chile, has the mineral potential to become a mining powerhouse. But that potential has never been fully explored. Federal and provincial policies have — more often than not — actively discouraged mineral investment in the country. And the country’s record debt default in 2001, continued high inflation and wild exchange rate fluctuations have understandably left investors wary. With the election of pro-business president Mauricio Macri in November 2015, investors are wondering if Argentina — a country with so much promise but also a history of instability, will finally get back on track and prove a worthy home for international capital.  Mining companies have already been tempted into Argentina during recent periods of opportunity. Spurred by mining-friendly policies instituted from 1993 to 2001, mining investment began to rise in the 1990s, leading to a heyday for mining in Argentina. Following Argentina’s financial crisis of 1998-2002 and its debt default in 2001, gold mining investment remained strong, fed by increasing metals prices and Argentina’s under explored yet

In response, Trish Saywell, a senior staff writer with The Northern Miner, and Elena Mayer of PwC visited the country earlier this year to investigate. Based on hundreds of hours of research and first-hand interviews with key players, this in-depth special report details the key players, projects and everything else you need to know about the new investment climate in Argentina.

“I instantly got calls from investors asking me whether it was time to go back, asking, ‘Can we look at projects?’” Paola Rojas.

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