Asset Identification and Analysis

Members of our team have worked extensively in Latin America, specialising in base and precious metals, and more recently in industrial minerals and energy. Through the years they have developed a strong network in the resource sector including allies in every country in the region. This allows us to identify high quality projects on a diverse range of commodities, countries, stages of development and other conditions.

Hence, we assist international firms interested to venture into Latin America by identifying potential merger and acquisition targets. Later on, they will require specialized advisory services, compliance with local market requirements and assistance during the due diligence phase and our network allows us to provide tailored solutions with a local feel.

Additionally, we also provide advice on any country in Latin America regarding a potential operation.

Main services to mention here are:

  • Project identification
  • Valuation of mining assets
  • Country assessments: political, mining law, tenements, business scene, social attitudes towards mining, etc.
  • Evaluation of projects, from the geological and business perspective
  • Due diligence
  • Support services such as: translation of sensitive documentation (from Spanish & Portuguese), review of reports, data rooms, etc.


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