About us

Synergy Resource Capital is an investment and corporate advisory firm focused in connecting Latin American resource projects with investors worldwide. Based in Sydney, Australia, Synergy has representatives and partners throughout the Americas, demonstrating deep experience across capital markets, corporate advisory and resource assets. The firm relies on its cross-cultural acumen, extensive network of contacts and financial capabilities to assist investors looking to acquire or invest in assets throughout the region, as well as companies seeking funding for expansion, growth, and divestment.

Synergy acts as an advisor for public and private companies, and more recently also associates with reputable partners to identify, grow and develop investment opportunities in minerals and technology, bringing them to market when ready.

Members of our team have worked extensively in Latin America, specialising in base and precious metals, industrial minerals and energy. Throughout the years, they have developed a strong network of contacts in the resource sector, including allies in every country of the region. This allows the firm to identify high quality projects on a diverse range of commodities, locations, stages of development and other conditions.

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Synergy can assist in identifying, evaluating and securing your next acquisition, becoming a trusted partner across every phase of your venture.

Why Synergy?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, synergy is “the combined power of a group of things when they are working together that is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately.”

Synergy Resource Capital’s team, available resources, global reach and expertise work in sync to add value to every transaction. The interaction and collaboration within various partners and allies across Australasia and the Americas are the energy that keeps the ball rolling.

At Synergy, we aim to unlock so much more value than merely the sum of each separate part.

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