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Latin America is a vast region, full of promise and possibility. The continent has an astounding natural resource endowment, from most minerals and metals in the periodic table, to all sources of energy known to humankind, and a wide array of agribusinesses and industries.

Latam’s culturally cohesive population of over 658 million, resides in 20 countries and 6 territories.

All emerging or developing economies with weak currencies and underdeveloped local markets, create huge cost efficiencies for international capital. It has a rapidly evolving and highly entrepreneurial business landscape, being a strategic diversification alternative to Asia and Africa, with meaningful structural advantages.


Foreign direct investment (FDI) matters greatly in Latam.

From all cross-border capital inflows in the region over 2010–2021, FDI was the highest -a built up stock of capital of nearly $2.7 trillion-.

FDI globally recovered to pre-pandemic levels in 2021, reaching $1.54 trillion.

Latin America received $134 billion, an 8% allocation, and grew by 52% YOY, ahead of Africa and economies in transition.

FDI in LATAM by target country, 2021

Source: CEPAL

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  • INVESTMENT: foreign inflows, political risk, GDP, M&A, and trade agreements.

  • METALS & MINING: exploration, production, leading commodities and jurisdictions, M&A, plus investment trends

  • ENERGY: energy generation, grid composition and opportunities for growth

  • AGRIBUSINESS: main trends, exports, and investment

  • DIVERSIFICATION: intrinsic qualities to balance portfolios

  • TECH & INNOVATION: startup scene plus venture capital trends

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